Week 1:Artificial Organs improve by the day

An artificial organ is a man-made device that is implanted or integrated into a human to replace a natural organ, for the purpose of restoring a specific function or a group of related functions so the patient may return to as normal a life as possible. The replaced function doesn’t necessarily have to be related to life support, but often is.

In nowadays technology, there are many organs getting better and have a mature techniques to implant into patients body.

In here, I will focus on 2 artificial organs.

1. Hands

Nowadays: The prosthetic limb picks up electrical impulses from remaining muscle fibers on the arm, transmitting those impulses to articulating fingers and a thumb. The drawback is that the cost is very high.
Future: Researchers are working on permanently implanting an artificial hand directly to the bone in the arm, reduce the pain causes to the patient.

2. Eye
Nowadays: There are no eye implanting surgery for patient who get eye diseases.
Future: People work on investigating to build a mini camera into the head. Taking videos, infrared vision, panning and zooming, night vision and telescopic vision will be possible.

Here are 2 clips of video showing artificial eye and hand.

Reference : http://www.dvice.com/archives/2010/03/turn_yourself_i.php – 5 artificial organs getting better by the day

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artificial_organ – Artificial organ


3 thoughts on “Week 1:Artificial Organs improve by the day

  1. the improvements made in the fielf of artificial organs really helpful to those people having inborn disablilty for their body, this undoubtedly give them a hope for future.
    artificial organs can let them be a complete human and enjoy their life.
    this is a really meaningful invention in the modern world:D

  2. Artificial Organ is important for life maintainence, and more importantly the skills of the doctor should also be good. For instance, artificial skin. How the doctor change it without leaving any visible scars?

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