Week6: New way to monitor respiratory system accurately

When children have a body check on respiration, they may be discomfort by the medical instrument attach on their body. Doctors found that they may feel uncomfortable, so they got anxious. Therefore, the examination of respiratory system are not accurate as the respiration rate may affected.


Assisted by Dr Reza Saatchi, PhD Student Abdulkadir Hamidu Alkali took on the task of designing and developing the equipment as part of his PhD in Medical Electronics.

Abdulkadir developed a new, cutting edge ‘4fa’ respiration monitoring technique. 4fa works through recording thermal imagery of the patients as they breathe. It has the ability to identify areas of the face affected by respiration and from there it can monitor and record a patient’s respiration. The design also has the unique ability to identify and constantly track the patient’s face without being distracted by other heat signals in the background.

4fa works without wires and it is non-invasive, different from the traditional method. So this method can enhance the efficiency of the doctors as they can get a more accurate result. Moreover, children will not be stressed and feeling discomfort on this examination. Also, this technology can monitor the patient overnight, it can reduce the nurse workload. When the device detected any abnormal cases, the doctor can surely know what is going on, and save the patient life.


New ways to monitor children’s respiration: http://www.news-medical.net/news/20131118/New-ways-to-monitor-childrene28099s-respiration.aspx

Picture: http://my-internet-hospital.blogspot.hk/2010/10/respiratory-system-examination-methods.html


3 thoughts on “Week6: New way to monitor respiratory system accurately

  1. It is good to hear this good news! Since it is really uncomfortable for the patients to have such a device attach on their body and the doctor needs to spend more time for checking. 4fa is really an good idea to deal with this problem. Besides the reparatory system, I believe that a similar method can be applied to the other parts of our body.

  2. This is great that people started to develop new medical devices that also care about the feeling when one receiving treatments. It can also help improve the veterinary medical devices which currently dont consider about the feeling of animals 🙂

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