Week7: Improve gait results in THA patient by biomechanical device

THA,  total hip arthroplasty (Total hip replacement)  is a surgical procedure in which the hip joint is replaced by a prosthetic implant. The patient may not get used to their hip after the replacement. There are Foot-worn biomechanical device which is non-invasive can improve the gait result. It is worked by correcting the patient gait as they may walk clumsily after hip replacement.


Of 19 patients enrolled in the study – some of whom were admitted 3 months postoperatively – 50.3% showed significantly improved gait velocity, 22.9% had significantly improved step length and 16.9% had significantly improved single limb support, according to the abstract.

In order to help patient quickly recover from total hip replacement, physiotherapy are encourage to conduct. With the assistant of this biomechanical device, the patient can recover faster than normal.

Reference: Foot-worn biomechanical device improves gait results in THA patients: http://www.healio.com/orthopedics/hip/news/online/%7Be1038e9f-22f9-42e5-8abd-90c11b804ea9%7D/foot-worn-biomechanical-device-improves-gait-results-in-tha-patients

Picture: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/2f/Hip_replacement_Image_3684-PH.jpg




3 thoughts on “Week7: Improve gait results in THA patient by biomechanical device

    • For the elderly patient, the may not want to take risks to have THA because they may have blood loss during the surgery. Maybe you are right, it takes some more time for people to adapt in this tech.

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