Week8: Ultimately enhence the feasibilty of a paralyzed patient to control a wheelchair

Some of the patient are suffering from paralyzing. There are multiple degree of paralysis as they have different part of spinal cord having injuries. For people who have whole body paralysed , they are unable to travel around but only stay on the bed for entire life in old days.

Nowadays, body piercings have been used to control wheelchairs and computers in a move scientists believe could transform the way people interact with the world after paralysis. The movement of a tiny magnet in a tongue piercing is detected by sensors and converted into commands, which can control a range of devices.

Spinal cord injury may not affect the tongue controlling because tetraplegic has its own hotline to the brain. A lentil-sized piercing in the tongue produces a magnetic field, which changes as the tongue moves. Sensors on the cheeks can then detect the precise position of the piercing. Thereby, the device can response to the tongue position to move the wheelchair.

This is a amazing invention that aloud the patient to go around after paralysis. Patient who can only stay on the bed for the entire live would be frustrating and despairing as they cannot feel the world outside the ward. Using the device to detect the tongue location can also functioning to control the television to switch the channel, typing. It can surely make their life much more better.

Hereby are the video shows how the pierced tongue work on wheelchair.


Body piercing controls wheelchair: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-25118896


5 thoughts on “Week8: Ultimately enhence the feasibilty of a paralyzed patient to control a wheelchair

  1. This invention is amazing that the tongue can help moving one around, you are right that even a patient go under paralysis, they still have some functioning parts, maybe more new idea can go on with this idea. Making use of other functioning parts of the body of some other patients with a different disease may develop some new divices to benefit more patients. πŸ™‚

    • It makes me think of using the lips of the patients who have paralysis. It is because lips can move to different location to indicate the device how to react!
      More functions are adding in the device in order to make the patient having a better life!

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