Week10: Control taste by ‘Digital taste simulator’

Can you imagine there is a device can control the taste of the food? Taste is a instinctive ability of human. Taste is the sensation produced when a substance in the mouth reacts chemically with receptors of taste buds.

Created by a team of researchers from the National University of Singapore and led by Nimesha Ranasinghe, the device – called the Tongue Mounted Digital Taste Interface – can transmit the taste elements through two silver electrodes once it touches the tip of the tongue. By manipulating magnitude, frequency and polarity of the silver electrode. So it can generate a signal to brain that the food taste good!

There are two main health benefits:

1. People with diabetes could use the device to stimulate sweet sensations without harming their blood sugar levels.

2. Cancer patients could use it to improve or regenerate their sense of taste – something that can be severely impaired by chemotherapy.

It makes patient can even taste good when they are not able to eat sweet food. And it has potential to heal the patient who got Anorexia Nervosa.



‘Digital taste simulator’ developed that tickles the tastebuds :http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/269324.php


3 thoughts on “Week10: Control taste by ‘Digital taste simulator’

  1. Woah! Amazing! this can greatly apply to people whose nerves in their tongues are damaged. And also, it may help people with eating disorder! πŸ™‚ How it is made by the way?

  2. It is very useful. I remember Doraemon has a similar tool but with more complex tastes. If any taste can be produced, we have perfect reason to turn all people to vegetarians. It is very good to both human beings and the environment.

    • Your analogy is interesting! It reminds me of the “Chocolate Factory”, the main character can pick any flavor they want. So maybe some of the inventions are inspired from the creative media πŸ˜›

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